MoCRA and CPNP Compliance

MoCRA and CPNP Compliance Support at Cre8or

The Modern Cosmetics Regulatory Act (MoCRA) and the Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP) compliance represent significant regulatory frameworks in the United States and the European Union, respectively. Set to come into effect July 2024 for MoCRA, these regulations introduce stringent safety standards and reporting requirements aimed at enhancing product transparency and consumer safety. CPNP compliance is already mandatory for all cosmetic products marketed in the EU. As these regulations redefine industry norms, Cre8or is at the forefront to ensure that all our partners are fully prepared and compliant in both regions.

At Cre8or, we are committed to ensuring our partners thrive in every market, including compliance with the latest regulatory frameworks such as MoCRA and CPNP. We understand that navigating these regulations can be complex, so we offer comprehensive support to guide you through every step of the compliance process.

Our MoCRA and CPNP Compliance Services Include and start at the following pricing:

  • Safety Assessment: A crucial part of the compliance process, available for $495.
  • Comprehensive Testing: This includes stability, compatibility, microbiological, and challenge tests, which cost $950.
  • U.S. Agent Services (for MoCRA) / EU Responsible Person (for CPNP): We can act as your U.S. agent or your EU Responsible Person for $1,320 annually.
  • Product Registration: Initial registration under MoCRA or CPNP is facilitated for $198, with a yearly update available at $110.

Cost-Efficient and Transparent Pricing

We aim to provide transparent pricing to help you budget effectively for compliance. You can choose exactly what you need by offering these services individually without unnecessary expenses.

Supporting Independent Compliance

We also recognize that some partners prefer managing MoCRA and CPNP compliance independently. For those who choose this route, Cre8or will support you by providing all necessary paperwork and guidance at no additional cost. This ensures you have the freedom to handle compliance in a way that best fits your business model without any compromise on support from our side.

Let's Navigate Regulatory Challenges Together

Whether you choose Cre8or's full suite of compliance services or opt to manage independently, we are here to support you. Our expertise and resources are always available to ensure your products meet all regulatory requirements in the US and EU, and succeed in the market.

Please contact our regulatory compliance team for more detailed information or to discuss your specific needs. Discounts on pricing are available depending on Membership Plan subscription.